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Aviation Products, Aircraft Sales and Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Liability Insurance

Transport Risk Management maintains a large and active 'Comprehensive General Liability' and 'Products Liability' account book including some of the largest FBOs', aircraft dealers and manufacturers. Our experience in this class of business provides our clients with the assurance that their exposures are identified and managed appropriately and comprehensively.

Products Liability may be broadly split into manufacturers 'products, aircraft sales and FBO (repair and Service).

Manufacturer, aircraft sales and FBO Comprehensive General Liability Insurance covers manufacturers' of aircraft/aircraft components, sellers of those aircraft/aircraft components or aviation repair and service facilities that maintain those aircraft/aircraft components, for liability arising from an aircraft accident.

An additional coverage available is "Grounding" liability. This covers the eventuality of all aircraft of a particular type or STC being grounded following an accident to one of the type with consequential liability to the owners of undamaged aircraft affected by the fleet grounding. 

Our products and services include comprehensive coverage for all areas of exposure including:

Primary Exposures 

  • Liability for persons and vehicles while on their airport premises (Premises Liability).
  • Liability for aircraft while in their care, custody or control (Hangarkeepers Liability)
  • Liability for the work that they perform (Products and Completed Operations Liability)
Additional Activities and Exposures:
  • Airframe and Engine Manufacturers
  • Fixed Base Operator Repair and Service
  • Manufacturers of Avionics, Components, Parts and Aircraft Fabrication Materials
  • Maintenance, Engineering, Repair and Service
  • Aviation Sales Distribution 
  • Aviation Fuel and Refueling Services
  • Manufacturers of Aerospace / Space Related Equipment
  • Grounding Liability
  • Supply of Aircraft Catering Services
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