Aircraft Insurance

Airplane and Helicopter Hull and Liability Insurance 

"A ship in harbour is safe...but that's not what ships are built for." 

Transport Risk Management, Inc. not only covers the basic "All Risks" and liability exposures of a client’s core business, but every area of potential loss that pertains to a company's exposure as an aircraft operator.

The in-depth experience that Transport Risk Management offers will ensure comprehensive coverage and complete protection anywhere in the world.

Our products and services include:

  • Aircraft physical damage - Fixed Wing and Helicopter
    Protection against physical damage to or loss of the aircraft.
  • Helicopter physical damage and liability for Corporate, Air Ambulance and all special uses.
  • Mexico based and registered turbine aircraft
    All aircraft physical damage and liability coverage.

  • Aircraft hull deductible
    To reduce the amount of deductible applied to a Hull All Risks loss.

  • Comprehensive aviation liability to passengers, third parties and their property
    Coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties and passengers, arising out of the operation of the insured's aircraft.

  • Terrorism, War, Hi-jacking
    And other perils liability to third parties arising from restriction or exclusion from the operators liability policy.

  • Aviation war and political risks
    Protection against physical damage to or loss of the aircraft arising from war and associated perils excluded from the Hull All Risks policy.

  • Aircraft equipment and spare parts
    Protection against physical damage to or loss of spare parts not forming part of the aircraft i.e. while in storage or in transit.

  • Aircraft loss of use
    If an aircraft is damaged and unusable, there is no income stream generated by that aircraft. Loss of use insurance can protect an aircraft operator’s financial position.

  • Aircraft crew and passenger personal accident
    To cover the occupants of the aircraft against personal accident risks. Generally based on the Guest Voluntary Settlement benefits outlined in the policy. In the case of passengers it can avoid legal action being taken under the legal liability section of coverage (and any payment is generally conditional upon a full release from any further liability.

  • Aviation contingent hull and Comprehensive General Liability
    Certain areas where an aircraft operator may be protected where they may not be covered under other policies.

  • Aircraft Total Loss only
    Will pay an agreed amount in the event of an aircraft becoming a total loss or being declared a constructive or arranged total loss. Cheaper than "All Risks" coverage but does not cover partial losses.

Damage caused by Heat (Hot Start/Shut Down/Hung Start), Wear and Tear and/or Electrical are not covered by aviation insurance policies. 

We also offer maximum coverage within the full spectrum of general aviation, including:

  • Managed Commercial Charter Fleets

  • Managed Non-Commercial Fleets

  • Corporate Industrial Aid & VIP
  • Financial Institutions
  • Aircraft Leasing Companies
  • Air Freight/Air Cargo Operators

  • Non-Airline Commercial

  • Airline Commercial

  • Agricultural

  • Aero Clubs

  • Aircraft Rental

  • Helicopters - Corporate Industrial Aid - Film Production - Long Line -  Special  Uses

  • Air Taxi

  • Private Aircraft

  • Air Ambulances / E.M.S. - Fixed Wing and Helicopter

  • Aerial Photography / Cinematography

And advice and consultation on:

  • Risk Management for Aerospace related risks

  • Captives and Mutuals for Aerospace related risks

  • Aircraft Asset Valuation for Insurance Purposes

  • Aerospace Insurance Ramifications of Financial and Contractual Agreements

  • Legal Opinions on Contractual Obligations for Aviation related risks

  • Alternative Risk Transfer for Aviation related risks


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