Fractional Aircraft Owners

Fractional Jet and Aircraft Ownership Contingent Liability

Fractional Jet and Aircraft Ownership Contingent Liability provides coverage for fractional share owners when a third party operator is responsible for the hiring and training of crew members, scheduling aircraft maintenance and repair, and the procurement of liability and aircraft (hull) insurance.

While the fractional operator certainly has an interest in obtaining adequate liability protection, they cannot always provide the unique liability protection or limits each fractional owner might require. Moreover, potential conflicts may arise from the potential that the aircraft operator could invalidate the terms of the insurance policy to themselves and fractional owners through their conduct or neglect.

Coverage Programs Include:

  • Contingent aviation liability
  • Liability limits to $500,000,000
  • Contingent aircraft hull physical damage
  • Hull limits to $70,000,000
  • Products liability for sale of fractional share
  • Non-owned aircraft liability for use of third party aircraft
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