Independent FBO Insurance

Insurance for Independent FBO's and Aircraft Fleet Managers

Over the past 5 years, investment companies, private and public equity funds, public companies and hedge funds have been acquiring FBOs' and aircraft fleet operators as quickly as possible. In doing so, they have consolidated many costs associated with business operations, including insurance, leaving many independent FBO and manged aircraft fleet operators at a competitive disadvantage.

Although many FBO and managed aircraft fleet group insurance programs have been tried, the limited number of participants, the large variation of exposures and loss ratios and the need for an organizational sponsor or administrator has largely negated any benefit to the consumer.

Transport Risk Management has taken a different approach to our Independent FBO and Aircraft Fleet Manager placements that does significantly benefit the consumer. It's called Fee Based Brokerage.

Once reserved for only the largest chain or branded operators, fee based brokerage reduces insurance costs by removing a commission based brokerage incentive structure paid by the insurance company and replaces it with a negotiated fixed fee for brokerage and support services paid by the client.  The client sees exactly the net premium quoted by the insurer(s) and the fee is generally 30% to 50% below the commission levels normally paid to brokers and agents by insurance companies.

Qualifying Operations:

  • Large Independent full-service FBOs' with 5 or fewer locations
  • Turbine commercial and non-commercial airplane fleets
  • Helicopter fleets for all types and uses
  • Flight schools associated with a qualifying FBO

Independent FBO and Aircraft Fleet Manager Fee Base Insurance Benefits:

  • Does not require a change of Insurance Carrier
  • Lowers gross cost 5% to 7.5% from Commission Based Programs
  • Removes the broker commission incentive on higher premiums
  • No negative impact from program loss experience
  • Can be applied after a Commission Based quote has been given and even on many mid-term policies
  • Does not reduce coverage, market access or limits available
  • Many qualify for installment payments and profit commissions

Coverage Available:

  • Comprehensive Aviation General Laibility
  • Hangarkeepers Liability
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability
  • Airport Premises Liability
  • Garagekeepers Liability
  • Aircraft Hull and Liability - Charter, Instruction, Rental and Industrial Aid
  • Airport Buildings, Hangars and Property
  • Aviation Workers Compensation
  • Non Owned Aircraft Hull and Liability

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