Aerial Film

Aerial and Aviation Film Production Insurance

Coverage for owned and/or non-owned aircraft used as camera ship, subject, crew charter or scout vehicle as required for motion picture, advertising and entertainment industry film work on a short-term or annual basis. 

The aircraft liability policy provides indemnity for sums the insured is legally obligated pay as damages resulting from bodily injury and property damage injury claims brought by third parties (including passengers and their baggage) arising out of the maintenance or use of an owned and/or non-owned aircraft for activities normally excluded by all other lines of insurance.

Coverages include: 

  • Crew charter flights to and from shoots
  • Aerial scouting flights
  • Aerial filming flights including stunt flights, skydiving and parachuting
  • Physical Damage to non-owned aircraft

Aircraft Type:  Either fixed wing or rotor wing

Non-Owned Hull Physical Damage Coverage: $2,000,000 Per Occurrence or higher

Aircraft Seating: Unlimited

Liability Limits:  Liability for bodily injury and property damage up to  $100,000,000 CSL

Policy Period:

  • Annual ‘standard’ owned and/or non-owned policy with option to purchase five, ten, thirty or unlimited Filming Days
  • ‘Stand alone’ Entertainment & Production Policy of one, five, ten, thirty or annual unlimited Filming Days 

Policy Territory:  Worldwide

Multiple Aircraft:  Coverage is available for multiple aircraft

TRIA and War Liability:  Coverage is included for NO additional charge or premium.


Aerial Production 

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